TD Tech Service Integrator

TD Tech Service Integrator

Systems are increasingly getting integrated with each other and with external systems. Enterprise applications are often required to access external systems and databases for business-critical information. Also, at times organizations need to allow access data to their information to external systems.

Managing access to external systems often requires the understanding of individual systems, their APIs and security considerations. Also, such interfaces keep changing and such changes can impact system behavior if your core systems are not insulated from such external subsystems.

Transdigital with its extensive experience in SOA, and Micro-services architecture and industry standard Enterprise Service Buses has created a service integrator which provides ready to use interfaces to some of the standard services

Digital Transformation

In today’s digital age, almost every industry is undergoing fundamental changes, as established players are being challenged by new age Internet-based start-ups.

Financial Technologies

Opening up of Banking segment and government’s push for financial inclusion by promoting small banks, NBFCs and Microfinance companies.

CTO Services

Last decade has seen some of the most disruptive changes in Software technologies and the pace of change is increasing by the day.