Risk and Compliance

Risk and Compliance

Modern banking advanced in the late 20th century and prompted a fundamental change in the definition of banking. Each year, banks and financial institutions spend substantial part of their money in mitigating and complying with a growing set of regulatory and operational compliance requirements. Technology is assuming a key and enabling role in delivering sustainability, consistency, efficiency, and transparency across risk and governance process and organization. An integrated approach to risk and compliance management includes a lot of benefits for the organization at operational and strategic level.

Such benefits would be advantageous to the organization if it includes features from the business as well as IT perspective. Transdigital can cater to questions as whether there is a central system that users across locations can access to record, manage, review, evaluate and access risk and compliance information. We can tie any solution into existing ERP and applications that exist within the enterprise with ease.

Digital Transformation

In today’s digital age, almost every industry is undergoing fundamental changes, as established players are being challenged by new age Internet-based start-ups.

Financial Technologies

Opening up of Banking segment and government’s push for financial inclusion by promoting small banks, NBFCs and Microfinance companies.

CTO Services

Last decade has seen some of the most disruptive changes in Software technologies and the pace of change is increasing by the day.