Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services

IT applications enable the organization with a transaction backbone that forms the basis for business decision making.
It is a ‘no brainer’ that IT infrastructure and applications have to co-exist in a seamless manner, but with ever dynamic demands from business a correction course needs to be taken for re-architecting and redesigning the portfolio to form a back-bone of the businesses and play a key role in organizations day to day operations. Smooth functioning of IT applications and Infrastructure requires that these systems are managed and maintained properly and also upgraded/ enhanced from time to time to cope-up with changing business demands.

Complex IT infrastructure involves multiple applications and hardware systems and need to be designed to be modular, scalable and maintainable. With extensive experience in Application Lifecycle management, Transdigital can help organizations in :

Architecture advisory and Technology strategy and roadmap

Application development and maintenance services

Application Modernization Services

Enterprise Application Integration

Testing Services &

Data Migration

Application Management services

  • Application lifecycle management
  • Application Maintenance services
  • Agile framework and DevOps
  • PMO
  • Support centre and Helpdesk
  • Operating Systems: Virtualization, hyper convergence

Enterprise Application Integration

  • API ecosystem
  • REST API and micro-services

Database Services

  • Database migration
  • Master data management
  • DBA services

Legacy modernization

  • Application modernization
  • UI Modernization

This will be updated soon

This will be updated soon

Digital Transformation

In today’s digital age, almost every industry is undergoing fundamental changes, as established players are being challenged by new age Internet-based start-ups.

Financial Technologies

Opening up of Banking segment and government’s push for financial inclusion by promoting small banks, NBFCs and Microfinance companies.

CTO Services

Last decade has seen some of the most disruptive changes in Software technologies and the pace of change is increasing by the day.