Sales Management Solution (eSales/ mSales)


Our sales management solutions (eSales/ mSales) can serve as a useful tool that holds together all of your business information and sales accounts. This will allow you to handle as many sales reps as your business needs without any risk or hassle. Our solution will allow your sales reps to focus completely on making more sales without burning energy on administrative tasks.

Solution Highlights

  • Our sales management solution allows you to implement your sales organization hierarchy using highly confirgurable masters.
  • Our Solutions (Portal and Mobile Apps) are built on highly scalable and modular technology platforms, which allows our client to leverage the power of Web and Mobile platforms.

Features and Functionalities

  • Multiple roles in line with client's sales hierarchy
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Sales commission tracking
  • Activity calendar
  • Lead assignment & tracking
  • Applications
  • Products
  • Teams
  • Contacts
  • Cases
  • Minutes of the meeting

Benefits to our client

  • Sales discipline and predictability
  • Reduce revenue leakage/ Lost sales
  • Market insight
  • Education and training of sales team
  • Sales team engagement