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About Cloud

Transdigital delivers a holistic approach to cloud transformation that accelerates a company’s move to digital business. Data and software-driven organizations depend on the cloud for scale, agility and speed.With our partnership with leading cloud and Data centre service providers, we can help our clients in their cloud strategy, selection of right cloud architecture and migration of their critical business applications on a cloud platform.

We help our customers to adopt a cloud strategy in a phased manner. The selection of a private, public or hybrid cloud is assessed by our experts based on the customer’s existing environment and futuristic scenario. The selection of applications which can be moved to the cloud is one aspect and post-migration we optimize the usage in such a way that the costs are reduced.

Our methodology for ‘lift and shift’ includes some basic elements of assessment of the development platform versions as well as databases. Wherever there are patches to be applied and upgrades to be done, we help in bringing a parity across multiple applications and ensure that each application which is migrated works in a seamless manner and performance improves across the environment. Core applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, BI and Analytics need to have a different approach in a lift a shift case since the OEM also play a role during the course of migration to the cloud.

Transdigital Cloud Offerings

Cloud Migration Services

Transdigital offers an advisory-based cloud migration methodology that enables clients to migrate with ease. This includes:

  • Cloud assessment and strategy
  • Architecture & Planning
  • Migration, Integration, optimization, and deployment
  • Configuration management automation

Cloud Strategy Advisory

Transdigital helps its client in their cloud strategy and their cloud enablement journey. Transdigital works with its clients to prepare a roadmap and guides the client with:

  • Infrastructure and application stack option
  • Candidates for cloud based application delivery
  • Recommendations of Cloud platforms and technology stack
  • Cloud architecture

Born-In-Cloud Applications Development

Design, develop, deploy and support cloud native applications on AWS or Azure cloud. Cloud native design using cloud design patterns for highly available and scalable applications

  • Automated provisioning and deployments
  • Log analytics
  • Data migration
  • Managed support services for continuous enhancements

Cloud Support Services

Monitor cloud infrastructure and applications for uninterrupted business operations. We at Transdigital monitor all cloud components to ascertain optimal functionality. Our cloud support services include:

  • Configuration management
  • Application security management
  • Service Quality
  • Cloud administration